The Initial Idea 

ALL FOR HER book one of The Wild Irish Lust series came from a short story that was published in a literary magazine. I felt there was a sexual tension and chemistry between the main characters of Minnie Hatton and the Tandy Twins. This needed exploring.

Minnie is ONE sassy seductress and the TWO rugged twin brothers are the Tandy Twins. THREE is the magic combination that keeps Minnie’s veracious sexual appetite satisfied and the Tandy twins begging for more!

What woman does not want ALL?

Minnie is empowered and empowering and she brought me on her journey and I wrote it all down.

The pen-name Penny Best is so my Irish Mammy isn’t mortified with me – writing top hot steamy romance novels!

Developing the story

Minnie is an enchantress and at twenty-two years old she is almost “on the shelf” or odd in 1930s Ireland. Minnie has her eyes on the forbidden rugged Tandy twins and longs to marry secure, stable Edward while keeping Ernest, his reckless identical twin as her lover.

Of course there are obstacles to the happy ever after and Minnie’s controlling mother and dark past has left her traumatised and mute. There are also other family secrets that threaten the love triangle’s unusual arrangement.

Will Minnie have to choose between her rugged farming men? Or can naughty Minnie have the best of both worlds – all the lust she can handle and all of the true love that she deserves?

There is an intensity to desire in a historical setting. The scandalous, flirtations in the austere morality of the past rises to the surface. Ireland is the land of ‘saints and scholars’ but there must have been deep passion and irresistible lust hidden in there too. Hence, the Wild Irish Lust series came into being.

I know!! EEK Me – Writing hot steamy romance novels!! Who knew that would happen?

And if you enjoy this first in the series, there are more to come! BOTH FOR HER and ALL FOR HER can also be found in the full box set here.

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