Penny Best Trilogy Wild Irish Lust

Penny Best Short Erotic Stories Especially for you…. are out now and I am building a writing community for my pen-name Penny Best @pennybestwriter

I am an established crime novelist and I’ve learned the value of having my own tribe or community. Penny Best is a new pen-name and everything is screaming at me that Penny needs her own world.

ALL FOR HER by Penny Best is out now

ONE sassy seductress

TWO rugged twin brothers

THREE the magic combination that keeps Minnie’s veracious sexual appetite satisfied and the Tandy twins begging for more!

Wild, lustful Minnie wants them ALL FOR HER

ALL FOR HER – the sizzling first novella of the racy Wild Irish Lust Series

‘With a clever plot, well-written vivid characters and a descriptive setting, this is a steamy romance by Penny Best, in which the heroine is thrust into a sexy and rampant romance with two unforgettable heroes. Thankfully there’s more to come!’  Early advance reader review. 

@pennybestwriter is growing on Twitter.

Instagram and Pinterest are sexy fun as Penny Best. There’s hot and bothered chat on her new Facebook page which is great!

There is also another series coming. It is a busy time so…

Writing Community Why bother ?

Here are just 5 of the many reasons why I think writers need a writing community.

  1. Writers support each other – You do not need to put out someone else’s light to shine yourself. This is a key aspect to the writing community. Support other writers and they remember you and will give you a retweet or a blog slot, review or find you online for a boost of some kind. Mingle, make friends and be dependable.
  2. Paying for services builds your expert team – self-publishing is a lonely road. You cannot be an expert in all areas of the writing world. I built a team of people to do paid work. Editors, proof-readers (Red Pen Edits), cover designers, formatters and also a publisher came on board with me. I am not afraid to admit to paying a publisher for their expertise, help and support. has been the easiest person to work with and I have my novellas in the world thanks to Orla. My website and digital strategy is designed by Patricia Greene The Web Club.
  3. Joining free online groups and tweet-chats – reach out to other writers on the road and ask for help. Offer something in return and follow through. It can be hard to find the time to engage meaningfully online but be authentic and kind, and the rest should follow. (I am hoping so anyhow)
  4. You need guidance – asking advice and difficult questions are easiest if you know someone appropriate to ask. Would you ask a plumber about your sore toe? Maybe, but is it a good plan? Asking a fellow writer about their writing journey is easier if you have trust in them and they are in your tribe.
  5. Blog posts and reviews – We all need to be featured outside of our own bubble. To spread the word about your book and work, you will need exposure. Yes, you can pay for ads but also word of mouth or posts online help us all.

Penny Best now needs her own knicker-tossing, kick-ass tribe.

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