What’s new in top hot steamy novels?

What’s up and coming? (pun intended).

Penny Best is a new erotic writer and her Wild Irish Lust series of historical novellas should be the top, hot, short read for Autumn 2019.

All for Her, Both For Her and More For Her are the titles of Penny Best’s Wild Irish Lust series and are historical romance novellas. (A novella is a short novel) They are about the forbidden lusts and love of an Irish lass for identical twin brothers and are based in 1930s Ireland.

If you are looking for new, hot, steamy reads, then listen to one early reviewer who writes, ‘Love this writer. If you want a knicker-twister, one-handed read, Penny Best is your woman!!!’

Who is this hot, new, erotic writer?

Well…Penny Best is the pen-name of a published crime novelist who has thrown caution to the wind to write short, sexy novellas. As the alter-ego of a digitally published crime writer, Penny does have a dark side and she has experience of writing thrilling, gritty topics. So although these are three great, fast, romance novellas, they also have the sub-plot of a possible crime. Penny’s website is on the way at www.pennybestwriter.com and she tweets @pennybestwriter Penny Best Writer is her Facebook page and she loves to chat to online readers.

Are you intrigued? This trilogy of hot, historical kindle books will be on pre-order next week. Penny Best’s short, steamy reads are coming! Watch this space for more top hot steamy novels – sign up for our newsletter here