The Devil Comes is publishing on Radish!!
There will be 30 steamy episodes of historical romance for your reading pleasure! (It will be in a novel later in the year. For now, it is a Radish title).

The Devil Comes by Penny Best.
It is said throughout Donegal that Lady Clara Burnhart’s husband sold his soul to the devil on Christmas Eve, 1799. It only took a year and a day for the devil to claim some of what he is due. Now, Lady Clara rules Foyle Castle with a rod of iron, but she seeks more power. To survive, clever Clara makes deals with greedy Irish chieftains and brutal pirates. But, will her lust for money and men be satisfied… before the devil comes again?
This Irish-based historical romance is for lovers of empowered female characters, hot sensual love scenes, and handsome, swashbuckling pirates!


Some early readers’ reviews are; –
“One of my favourite reads from Penny Best. Pirates and petticoats! Go Penny!”
“I love that Penny’s Irish romances are always beside the Atlantic Ocean. The Devil Comes is a hit with me. Yet again, I am in love with her male leads and rooting for her female characters. I could give a rollicking good time to that Captain Benjamin Thorn! Definitely check out The Devil Comes.”

As you can see there are many stories playing around in my brain.
And lastly, The Queen of Billionaires will take up my creative time now. Join my readers’ group and have a say in this new contemporary romance title.
Thanks for checking out any (or all) of the links.
Penny xxx
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