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She’s an infamous courtesan. He’s a rebellious smuggler. They are forced together on an Irish island in 1855. If you love historical romance with rugged handsome heroes, empowered female characters, and steamy suspense, then you’ll love The Irish Temptress.

One remote island + two forbidden lovers = HOT passion.

☘  strong damsel in distress ✅

☘  handsome rake/smuggler ✅

☘ forced proximity/secluded rural location ✅

☘ hot passion with a woman in charge ✅

☘ More to come! ✅

Forbidden love on a remote island.

Ireland 1855 is ravaged by rebellion and famine when Lola de Lacy seeks sanctuary on the secluded Isle of Sands – which is inhabited only by men. The infamous courtesan’s life is in mortal danger when she gets blamed for the locals’ troubles. It is the kindness of one handsome sailor, Jack C Fitzgerald, which encourages Lola to trust her heart again. Can the Irish Temptress find all that she desires on this remote island? And with everything at stake, can Lola and Jack’s love survive against power and prejudice?


Early readers say –

“This hot romance swept me away. Beyond recommend.”

“The love scenes all work perfectly in this high-stakes romance. There’s heat in all the right places.”

“I love Lola. Penny Best readers will too. 5 stars.”



Kindle Unlimited, Kindle & Paperback available. Publication August 5th


More book news coming soon. The Devil Comes is in production and other titles are being written. I really hope you enjoy The Irish Temptress.


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