I would love to be your guilty pleasure. One way for me to fulfill that is for you to sneakily buy and review my top, hot novel on kindle for £1.99. One of the hardest jobs for me as a writer is actually publishing the book and then asking for readers’ opinions. ‘Tis scary folks! Reviewing a steamy historical romance is not what everyone will do openly on Amazon or Goodreads. I get that, but I need you. I want you. 🙂 Order link – The Widow’s Passion

The Widow’s Passion is here and I’m beyond excited about the whole experience. A full-length standalone novel about forbidden love under an Irish quilt might be something the world needs right now? It might be something you need?

With all the hardships of modern-day life, I escape when I write. Why not escape with me?


I am in LOVE with the cover. It captures the essence of the beauty of Cora and Rowan’s passion as well as the backdrop of rural Ireland. I have a trailer too! (Press the triangle play button to view it)


The paperback will be available to purchase any day now, although with Brexit etc there may be issues. If you have any, let me know, as I might be able to fix something for those who like paperbacks. @pennybestwriter on twitter is one place to find me. @pbestwriter on Instagram.

The story of Cora and Rowan has been written for a while now. I got lost in their romance as I wrote it and really felt that readers would take to their personalities and want them to overcome the obstacles in their way.

It is set in 1950s Ireland and widow Cora Seton’s life lacks colour and passion. She does not expect this to change until young, Rowan Doherty, falls in love with her. He is a man who is willing to sacrifice all for their love. Things turn sour when Lord Frothchild, wants Cora for himself. Since Lord Frothchild repeatedly gets his own way, why should this be any different? Who will Cora have by her side? Can true love survive all the odds? Or is forbidden passion destined to burn?
To buy and review my top hot novel you can order it on this link – mybook.to/TheWidowsPassion
A vine reviewer has said;
“Just finished this, the stunning tale of Cora, who has been written off as an old maid following the death of her lovely husband. Enter Rowan, a young man of the locality, who has his eyes on her.

I adored this tale of love and lust, set against a vivid backdrop of green pastures, a beautiful cottage and a manor house. The story was stunning and had me hooked, as I waited to see if secrets would tear them apart and they battled the world against them. The romance swept me away, as did the heat and bedroom scenes and I loved that I smiled so much at nice little every day moments that were sprinkled with humour. Beyond recommended.”

Isn’t that lovely? This is from a regular reviewer of novels, so I am thrilled! But, a review can simply be one line and a star rating of your choice. To leave a review for my top hot novel, you just scroll to the end of the purchase page and type in where it says Leave a review. I will put together a short explanation for this, (if readers need it).
The reason writers need reviews is to improve. That’s a given eh? But – we also have been told Amazon likes them. If we have a good level of reviews, it helps our sales, our sales rankings, and also with further promotions.
As The Irish Temptress is in production, they’ll be more news from me soon.
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Bye for now my lovelies!
Penny Best xx
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