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Tell us about this Fictional Persona?

Favourite colour: Red or maybe purple – it is regal and rich. Not too feminine but not totally masculine.

Food: Sea-food. Living on the Wild Atlantic Way for most of the year, Penny adores anything fishy.

Drink: Gin and tonic, wine and whiskey. Not a fan of cocktails but that depends on the location. Somewhere exotic requires one.

Men: Penny likes most types of men. Male company fascinates her and she does like attractive men, but can see beauty in a charming personality trait. She is used to but detests ‘mansplaining’, but she can put men in their place with a withering look.

Women: Penny finds women sexually attractive too but she doesn’t consider herself bisexual. She has three to four excellent friends and networks well and makes female friends easily… but she doesn’t fully trust women as a species.

Dress sense: Penny, our fictional persona, likes casual clothes but she still would look more stylised than most women while relaxing. Her jeans are even expensive and her nails are always manicured and her eyebrows plucked and bikini-line waxed. She gets regular beauty treatments and thinks nothing of going to a spa for a day away. Penny likes handbags and shoes and although designers like her to wear their items, she picks classic pieces and sticks to them regardless of their worth or brand.

Make-up: Penny loves lipsticks and mascara. She loves a tan is waiting for when she needs botox or surgery.

Exercise: Penny loves sailing, swimming and anything water-related. She’s like a mermaid in the sea. Penny also jogs but isn’t competitive enough for team sports. She always feels let down by team members. She likes to work alone and exercise by herself while thinking of writing. Yoga retreats are her big business and she returns to this in between writing schedules. She aims to take other courses in life-coaching and personal development.

Education: Penny believes in living rather than formal education.

Children: They don’t usually feature in her life, ambitions or writing. None of her close friends have children.

Family: Penny doesn’t talk about her extended family. It is thought she is an orphan but who knows… some day she might reveal all.

Sex & Relationships: Penny is extremely sexually aware but presently is in a happy monogynous relationship with an attractive Irish man who makes her content. This has not always been the case and Penny takes no nonsense and can change her needs. If a man does not fulfil her, he is history. This present relationship has lasted longer than usual. It is a year old. They met at a party on a yacht after an aggressive sailing race in Donegal. Penny had not been too worried about winning or knowing who he was. The man pursued her for months and finally secured a date. It might be considered stalking but Penny felt his persistence was key to his success. Penny is not interested in being totally exclusive forever. Presently he suits her purpose of regular mind-blowing orgasms and he is a solid presence in her solitary writing life. If a man strays – he is history. Penny doesn’t compete or take leftovers or second best.

Favourite films: Thelma and Louise sticks in her mind. Jane Eyre and Withering Heights. Alfred Hitchcock and Quentin Tarantino but also Downton Abbey, Gentleman Jack & Peaky Blinders. And No… she hasn’t watched Fifty Shades of Grey – but she must! She does watch porn but not a great deal. Penny likes to live out her fantasies or write about them.

Books: Everything and anything she can get her hands on. Non-fiction, memoir, poetry, crime, historical and … now more than ever erotic romance. There is one book she read as a teenager but she cannot recall the title and she thinks it was this steamy read that prompted a fascination with erotic fiction. Some day she will find that book or remember its title and cover. Nora Roberts, Louise Phillips, Jackie Collins, Jenny Cooper, Rosalind James, Dinah Jeffries and Agatha Christie all roll off her tongue when asked about her fav authors.

Music: Country and western is her muse while she writes. She likes some rock, classical/easy listening, heavy metal and has a definite love of male operatic voices or distinctive, unusual male singing voices, Jack Lukeman, Ronnie Drew, Lee Marvin, Dean Martin.

Favourite destinations: Thailand, Dubai, Canada, New York, A Caribbean Island called Myott, Mauritius and of course home to renovated castle in Inishowen Donegal Ireland.

Social media: Penny loves Twitter and is getting to grips with Instagram and Pinterest. Find her online and say hullo @pennybestwriter pbestwriter

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