Well me dears, what’s the craic now?!

It’s hot in Ireland and I have some…

HOT, hot, hot news!!! 


Penny Best (little ole me) has joined a HUGE serialised publishing US website called Radish. You can join for FREE but some of the content is paid for reading.

Learn more here

The Queen of All published its first episode on Radish this morning!

The Celtic pagan bards sing about the magical gifts of a beautiful, young woman called Dogda. They tell of how she will unite the five kingdoms of the war-torn land of Eire. Because of this, each tenacious ruler wants Dogda’s powers for themselves. When the vicious raiding warriors, known as Beasts of King Cuan, come to abduct Dogda, she willingly goes with them. For Dogda knows to uncover the one true ruler of all, she must travel to all five kingdoms.

She has much to prove and many obstacles to overcome. As men love and lust power, they also fall for Dogda’s charms. Yet, to fulfil her quest she must navigate passionate encounters and resist hot temptations. In constant mortal danger, will she overcome overwhelming odds to unite a fearful people? Can she discover her own happy ever after? Will Dogda have it all?

If you like steamy, historical romance, with an empowered heroine, then you will love The Queen of All. With sweeping rural locations, intriguing plots, and hot passion between strong characters, this series of titles will take you to an exciting, fictional, ancient Ireland.

She is the Virgin Seer of Lug. They are the five kings who seek to possess her. But, who will have the most power of all?

If you want FREE access to the start of this thrilling start of my steamy, pagan, Irish romance check out “The Queen of All” on Radish via @radish_fiction now https://radishfiction.com/stories/13570
I am thrilled to have found a new way to reach readers. I would love to join you over there and discuss in the comments the next episode and how to develop my craft further.


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