New to Romance Novels?

Are you new to reading or writing romance novels? I’ve always read romance yet I’m learning more and more about the genre now that I’m writing it. I thought I’d share some things I find interesting about romance novels.

Firstly, romances should always have a happy ever after (HEA) or happy for now (HFN) ending. This means that readers know that the ending will be satisfying. They are safe in the knowledge that they’ll not be left with a huge cliff-hanger or crying buckets at the sad ending. This is also good for writers! We like to know where we are headed. Giving our characters a happy-ever-after (or happy for now) is a nice thing to do.

The ‘romance’ in a romance is obviously the most important aspect of the novel. The plot must focus on the relationships (or lack of) and all action moves this forward to the happy ending. Of course, tension, conflict, and incidences must also appear, but the love and connection between the characters are the mainstays of the plot.

There are varying heat levels in romances and many, many different categories. Amazon has thousands of categories and millions of romance titles. It is a huge section, but it is important to note here that not all romances have descriptions of sexual acts. I know some people think that romance is all explicit. It is not. Many romance novels are simply about the chemistry, or love between characters and they don’t venture into the territory of sex at all!

If romances have sex scenes they will have varying levels of heat. These levels are determined by the number of sexual acts/scenes described (and sometimes even on the length of the scenes and the acts they depict). Most books give an indication of the heat level on the cover and in the description, but many also have storylines that are not necessarily dependent on these scenes. Reviewers will also give their opinion on the plot, character development, and the heat levels in reviews. So, even if you feel romance novels are not for you, check out the heat level and pick one to suit. Please give the plot a chance in all romance novels.

They also contain strong female lead characters. Not all romance is about a meek woman longing for a husband or a man to rescue her. As much as this can also be a factor, how romances depict women (even historical) may surprise you too.

Romance readers are very discerning and read voraciously. Clever people write and read romance. Romance novels are not all smut and boring old-fashioned ideas and language. Give romance novels a try and don’t forget to leave a star rating or/ and a short review, please.

I’ll be back again soon with a blog on more about romance novels. In the meantime, if you want to talk and read romance join my Readers’ Group

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