Naughty readers’ group for#steamyromance readers


We all need a tribe or a space where we can let inhibitions slide and be a little risky.

There’s nowhere quite like a closed Facebook group to get naughty with other steamy romance readers.

As an author, I love a connective forum, where I can chat and be with my readers. I pop on regularly to say hullo and to add to the discussions.

What discussions I hear you ask?

  • What makes us hot and bothered.
  • What helps us escape from the cruel world in a salacious way.
  • What turns us on and off.
  • Men – we do spend an unnatural amount of time ogling men. No apology on this!
  • Women – what makes a woman sexy. What makes us feel attractive. You get the idea.
  • Other interests. What makes us tick & inspires us. Anything goes.
  • Romance reads in general and what is steamy right now.
  • You get to ask me stuff, interact with a writer and find out about projects old and new.


What are the rules?

So far, there aren’t any. I expect people to be cool and kind. We are naughty people, but it doesn’t mean that we are nasty. If anyone pisses me off, they will get booted out and blocked and I won’t be giving warnings or explanations.

Why join yet another Facebook group?

Good point. It is a nice place to be and I throughly love my readers’ group. It’s growing fast and the banter is fun. We all understand that it is a naughty readers’ group for steamy romance readers so we don’t get our knickers in a knot too easily.

Readers and members have mentioned that they find themselves scrolling and giggling. Laughing out loud is known to happen too – so all this must be a good thing?

You can escape with me. Penny Best is my pen-name, by the way. The psychology must be mind-blowing if anyone cared to analyse us!

Future plans.

Online is where I love to spend time. There will be more advancements of this group into online interactive readers events. Be with me and this thrilling adventure from the start. Be able to say I was a Naughty Reader of Penny Best from the very beginning.

Joining the magic is easy. I’d love to connect with you on my Naughty Readers’ group for steamy romance readers. Click here and ask to join now


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