I won’t beat about the bush here.

My secret is…

I write HOT historical romance novels, novellas, and serialised fiction and I LOVE it.


AND The Male Harlots is being published in daily episodes for the next 40+ days. (First few episodes are Free) Warning!!! This is my HOTTEST read yet.
If you dare… check out “The Male Harlots” on Radish via @radish_fiction. This serialised series covers the exploits of two, young, Irish men who service the needs of wealthy London women in 1855.
One is the bastard son of a Lord. One is lord of his own cock. When they join forces hot passion is inevitable!

This is the next in the series of The Irish Temptress but can be read before, during, or after that novel (publishing on Amazon on 5th August.) Order the Irish Temptress on Amazon here

But…The Male Harlots is here too!

It is dangerous for women to pay for pleasure in 1850s London. However roguish gambler, Joshua Bones, and a naive virgin, Mortimer Rockford, aim to make their fortune and find happiness. Can two bitter rivals survive and thrive when wealthy, worried women control their fate? Join this steamy, riveting serialised, historical romance now.



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