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Are you a loud and proud romance reader?

If you read romance than you need to know about my novellas. ALL FOR HER, BOTH FOR HER and MORE FOR HER are reverse-harem novellas and are out NOW.

I’ve always felt there’s a type of snobbery around romance books, writers and readers. Yet romance takes up a huge chunk of the market. If you take any kind of research in this area, the romance genre is rising and maintaining its grip on us all – whether we admit to it, or not. Therefore if you do read steamy novels… you are definitely not alone.

I write what I would like to read and have found that there was a gap in the Irish market. Where is the Irish people and landscape in romance? I couldn’t find many.

Scotland has Outlander. And now; Ireland has the Wild Irish Lust series and Penny Best.

Surely there is nowhere more romantic than an Irish sea or mountain scape? Okay being naked in the freezing wind and biting rain might not be conductive to passionate hot sex… but there are very few places more beautifully rugged and wild, than the Emerald Isle. The shrivelling of foreskins and the wind blowing up orifices aside, there’s a madness to the Irish and a sexuality that is being ignored –

Until now that is!

Do you admit to reading Fifty Shades of Grey?

It’s success came from nowhere and transformed the publishing, reading and writing worlds. Whatever you think of the merit of EL James’ work, it is a phenomenon and one I loved to witness.

I admit to reading and enjoying the first in her series and if I’d known how important it was for her to hear that, I’d have told her. Now following her success I doubt she cares or needs to worry about one reader.

But one reader makes a big difference to me.

The writing of books is to share enjoyment and to escape the real world. I’d be delighted if readers do both. If I make a fortune like EL James I won’t say no, but truly I just want to write and continue to frigging enjoy it. To write is to be read, and if no-one reads or admits to reading Penny Best – can she survive?

I don’t know, but I aim to take this adventure one reader at a time.

Do you read steamy novels? And actually admit to it? Then please leave a review on Goodreads or Amazon, or on your blog. A star rating or one sentence really helps a writer. We do need the validation however too it also helps the algothrims on Amazon and other readers to take us seriously.

Whisper the naughtiness in the hairdressers or down the pub. Perhaps you’re part of a book club and want something a little steamy for these autumnal evenings?

‘Do you read steamy novels? Then you need to read Penny Best.’

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