Yes. You can read novels now from your emails.

I feel this will work for you if;

  • Find yourself constantly scrolling on your phone
  • Want to start reading novels
  • Have time to read emails.
Even as a writer, I have to make myself read. I know. Terrible admission. But, it’s true. 

I go to the library, buy ebooks, invest in paperbacks, indulge in hardbacks, and yet I sit scrolling on my blasted devices!

Then, I thought, I make time for emails.

Can you see yourself reading three episodes of a novel if they land in your inbox every week?

Yes? Well… If you can then I’ve found a no-hassle-way for you to do this.

Just add your email to my substack for free episodes and then your payment details for 3+ episodes to land in your inbox every week until you have read 3 whole novels!

The Donegal Gold is the first romantic suspense title. Once you are a subscriber you’ll have constant access to the episodes on the app as well as being part of the readers’ community that gets their email updates every week. 

Kinda cool? Eh?

Two women, one hundred years apart become perilously obsessed with sunken treasure.

If you like the sound of all of this, join Penny’s tribe on Substack now.

See you in your emails 🙂

Penny Best x