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New to Romance Novels?

New to Romance Novels?

Are you new to reading or writing romance novels? I've always read romance yet I'm learning more and more about the genre now that I'm writing it. I thought I'd share some things I find interesting about romance novels. Firstly, romances…

Review top hot novel today

I would love to be your guilty pleasure. One way for me to fulfill that is for you to sneakily buy and review my top, hot novel on kindle for £1.99. One of the hardest jobs for me as a writer is actually publishing the book and then asking…
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Do you read steamy historical romance novels?

The Penny Best persona, and steamy historical romance writer, is waking up again. I've been off publishing best-selling historical crime novels. But, I am now back to where I'm possibly my happiest – to romantic steamy reads with a…
Penny Best Trilogy Wild Irish Lust

Best Green Hues in Top Hot Steamy Series

Forget the Fifty shades of the near black colour and let yourself escape with the hues of green in this romantic trilogy. The Wild Irish Lust Series Three short, steamy quickie reads. The forbidden loves and lusts of a 1930s Irish lass,…
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Researching your ideal reader. 5 tips.

5 tips on researching your ideal reader Starting out in self-publishing I hear this a lot. “Do you know your ideal reader? Are you researching your ideal reader?” I am still working on this research and I have no idea how I’m getting…
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Keeping it Steamy on Instagram

According to a Hootsuite article and my own newbie role on Insta, here are ten things to know about Instagram. In June 2018 there were 1 billion active users on Instagram every month. From the same date 500 million are active daily! …
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Do You Read Steamy Novels?

Are you a loud and proud romance reader? If you read romance than you need to know about my novellas. ALL FOR HER, BOTH FOR HER and MORE FOR HER are reverse-harem novellas and are out NOW. www.pennybestwriter.com I’ve always felt there’s…
Naughty readers' group

Join Penny’s Naughty Readers Group

Naughty readers' group for#steamyromance readers https://www.facebook.com/groups/954001138270111/   We all need a tribe or a space where we can let inhibitions slide and be a little risky. There’s nowhere quite like a closed Facebook…
All For Her

Me – Writing Top hot steamy romance novels ??!!

The Initial Idea  ALL FOR HER book one of The Wild Irish Lust series came from a short story that was published in a literary magazine. I felt there was a sexual tension and chemistry between the main characters of Minnie Hatton and the Tandy…
Both For Her

Steamy Short Stories especially for you.

BOTH FOR HER is the sizzling second novella of the Wild Irish Lust series following on from steamy short story ALL FOR HER. Finishing the series is MORE FOR HER. So there are three Steamy short stories (in one box set) especially for you. The…
More for Her

Three Top Steamy Reads

There are three top steamy reads in the Wild Irish Lust Series. MORE FOR HER follows on from ALL FOR HER and BOTH FOR HER. MORE FOR HER is the tantalising third novella about the loves and lusts of an Irish lass for identical twin brothers. The…
Penny Best Trilogy Wild Irish Lust

Writing Community Why Bother!

Penny Best Short Erotic Stories Especially for you…. are out now and I am building a writing community for my pen-name Penny Best @pennybestwriter I am an established crime novelist and I’ve learned the value of having my own tribe or…

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The Wild Irish Lust series. The fiction trilogy.

‘The lusts and loves of an Irish lass for identical twin brothers.”

‘With a clever plot, well-written vivid characters and a descriptive setting, this is a steamy romance by Penny Best, in which the heroine is thrust into a sexy and rampant romance with two unforgettable heroes. Thankfully there’s more to come!’

Early advance reader reviewer.