Penny Best Trilogy Wild Irish Lust

Forget the Fifty shades of the near black colour and let yourself escape with the hues of green in this romantic trilogy.

The Wild Irish Lust Series

Three short, steamy quickie reads. The forbidden loves and lusts of a 1930s Irish lass, Minnie Hatton for rugged identical brothers The Tandy Twins. This is a menage M/F/M or reverse harem erotic romance with all the grit and mystery of a short, crime novel. Escape with love and lust into the wild landscape of Ireland.

All for Her

Both for Her

More for Her


Reviews are going well on Amazon and Goodreads with readers leaving 5 star reviews.

“So this is my first romance with frequent sizzling sex on this blog, and one I’ll be remembering for a long time!

This is the story of the lovely Minnie, who has not spoken since the death of her father. We meet her at a market, where Edward, a kind farmer, is helping her after a fall. Minnie is a wonderfully drawn character, who from the start is mesmerising.

Edward is one of a set of twins who keep themselves to themselves and are gossiped about by the locals. Minnie begins to help Edward out on the farm, cleaning and such (the homemaker in me loved the difference she made to the house!) Of course this means at the start it’s pretty much the two of them and things begin to progress …

I loved this book so much!! Minnie’s heart breaking past, whose tragedy made me gasp out loud, Edward, probably one of my favourite male leads OF ALL TIME(!) who I regularly wanted to hug ( I’m possibly not fully the target genre for this;)) the romance that had me rooting for them and the drama that was stopping them being together. The love making was so romantic, the sex, hot, the settings so vivid and tangeable, the story-telling captivating and all encompassing. Thanks so much to the author for the book in return for an honest review.”

Beyond recommended and rating:5/5” 
BR Maycock Book reviewer and blogger. 


“Although All For Her is a novella, it’s a lot more than just a short steamy read. It’s a book with a storyline too which impressed me. The characters are developed and the author managed to pack a lot into it. The story takes readers back to 1930s Ireland where we meet Minnie, a young lady who hasn’t spoken since the tragic death of her father. When she bumps into Ernest Tandy her life changes. Minnie may not speak but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know what she wants and her eyes are firmly set on Ernest and his on her too.

They come up with a plan that will let them see more of each other and be together away from Minnie’s overly strict mother. Minnie begins work in the Tandy farm where she meets Ernest’s twin Edward. The Tandy twins have a reputation but Minne knows how to handle them both. Will Minnie have to choose between the twins or can she have them both? The writing is excellent and the story flows. The characters are fully developed and I’m sure we’ll learn more about each of them as the series continues. This is the first book from author Penny Best and I’m sure it won’t be the last. The sex scenes are plentiful but not too much to distract from the overall story and they are written really well too.

This was a fun read and I have to admit I’m hoping that Ernest will be the chosen one. Now on to book 2 to find out what excitement waits for me.”

Amanda Evans Book reviewer and blogger.

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MORE FOR HER – The lusts and loves of an Irish lass for identical twin brothers.

Following on from ALL FOR HER and BOTH FOR HER, comes MORE FOR HER – the tantalising third novella of the Wild Irish Lust series.

Sensuous Minnie Hatton has it all. A passionate and electrifying relationship with hot blooded rugged twin brothers in 1930s Ireland.

Living on the Tandy farm at Fern Hollow, Minnie is kept sexually and emotionally satisfied with both identical brothers in her bed.

Masking heart-ache with sex, can the threesome keep their promises of security and devotion to each other or does sharing lead to jealousy, power struggles and conflict?

Can Minnie be happy and truly fulfilled with these two insatiable farmers?

Amongst tension and carnal lust, Minnie must uncover what dark past they are dragging into their future.

Can their unique love endure what is revealed now that there is MORE FOR HER?

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Penny Best Trilogy Wild Irish Lust