One way to find readers is to try new methods. Self-publishing can be expensive. It can be difficult to market yourself, especially if you use a pen-name. Constantly doing the same thing bores me and I don’t want to invest huge money in ads. It’s not where I want to be. I want to write and find readers who like my style. Therefore, I’m trialing a serialised fiction website called Radish. With ten titles, varying in length and steam ratings, with various payment packages, I’m finding new readers. Yippee! My royalty payments are not huge, but readers are what I want. The rest will come.

Writers know to be patient and work hard. There is nothing easy about working alone on writing, then uploading your work, and marketing it. However, I am thoroughly enjoying my Radish experience so far. I applied to be an author with them and was accepted. The author platform is easy to use and I’m learning constantly.

With 10 titles on Radish now and just almost 64,000 views/reads in total there is much to celebrate! I have a title for romance readers interested in different payment options/free reads and varying levels of heat.

Check out The Widow’s Passion which is the most successful (thus far). Radish link to The Widow’s Passion

The full profile can be found HERE





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