Penny Best Writer
Steamy Irish Romance

She’s an infamous courtesan. He’s a rebellious smuggler. They are forced together on an Irish island in 1855. If you love historical romance with rugged handsome heroes, empowered female characters, and steamy suspense, then you’ll love The Irish Temptress.
One remote island + two forbidden lovers = HOT passion.
☘ strong damsel in distress ✅
☘ handsome rake/smuggler ✅
☘ forced proximity/secluded rural location ✅
☘ hot passion with a woman in charge ✅
☘ More to come! ✅

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Forbidden love on a remote island.
Ireland 1855 is ravaged by rebellion and famine when Lola de Lacy seeks sanctuary on the secluded Isle of Sands – which is inhabited only by men. The infamous courtesan’s life is in mortal danger when she gets blamed for the locals’ troubles.
It is the kindness of one handsome sailor, Jack C Fitzgerald, which encourages Lola to trust her heart again. Can the Irish Temptress find all that she desires on this remote island? And with everything at stake, can Lola and Jack’s love survive against power and prejudice?

What early readers say –

“This hot romance swept me away. Beyond recommend.”
“The love scenes all work perfectly in this high-stakes romance with heat in all the right places.”
“I love Lola. Penny Best readers will too. 5 stars.”


The Widow’s Passion

‘Forbidden love under an Irish quilt.’

In 1950s Ireland, artist Cora Seton risks everything when she falls in love with Rowan Doherty.
But he isn’t the only man who wants Cora. Lord Frothchild is the most powerful man in the area and is used to getting what he desires. Fleeing for their lives, and with everything standing in their way, can true love survive? Or is forbidden passion always destined to burn?
A page-turning, steamy, historical romance filled with suspense and intrigue.

Reviews say

“A gripping, steamy romance with characters that burrowed into my heart, THE WIDOW’S PASSION by Penny Best is historical romance with an Irish twist.
Cora believes her time for finding love has passed but nothing prepared her for the attentions of young Rowan. Their chemistry is undeniable but not everyone is supportive and there are those who want Cora for themselves, and will stop at nothing to get what they want. At a time in history when women were treated more harshly and reputation was key, can Cora find a way to be with the love of her life? And when secrets bubble to the surface, will love be enough to keep their passion alive?
The setting, the characters, and the historical element all work perfectly together to create this beautiful romance that has heat in all of the right places. I connected with Cora and Rowan and desperately wanted them to find a way to be together through all of their hardships, and I could not put this book down until I uncovered how their story ended. THE WIDOW’S PASSION by Penny Best is a combination of excellent storytelling and just enough heat to make a reader hot under the collar, and I look forward to reading more from this exciting author.” Vine Voice Reviewer Books of All Kinds 5 stars.

“Just finished this, the stunning tale of Cora, who sees herself as an old maid following the death of her lovely husband. Enter Rowan, a young man of the locality, who has his eyes on her.
I adored this tale of love and lust, set against a vivid backdrop of green pastures, a beautiful cottage and a manor house. The story was stunning and had me hooked, as I waited to see if secrets would tear them apart and they battled the world against them. The romance swept me away, as did the heat and bedroom scenes and I loved that I smiled so much at nice little every day moments that were sprinkled with humour. Beyond recommended.” M Bradford.